Detailed Wifi info from the menu bar

If you want very detailed wireless connectivity data from anywhere within Mac OS X it’s simple.
Simply hold down the Option key and then click on the WiFi menu icon.

Option-clicking will display a sub menu under your active wifi connection that shows:
- What wireless band you are using (PHY Mode)
- The routers SSID (BSSID)
- What channel the wireless router is using
- Which encryption method (Security)
- The Received Signal strength Indicator (RSSI) (the stronger the signal, the closer to 0, so -20 Good -90 Bad)
- The transmit rate
- MCS index (an über geeky stat that lets you calculate the available data rate of your wireless hardware).

You can also mouse-over other SSID’s to see a slightly more condensed version of this information. All of this can be helpful for avoiding potential channel conflicts, or when troubleshooting wireless problems.

And yes, I called it the WiFi menu rather than AirPort, since Lion is moving away from the AirPort references, at least in regard to the menubar.
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