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 Apple's new Photos app & you 

The new Photos app for Mac OS X
As you've probably heard, iPhoto and Aperture are being replaced with Apple's new Photos app for Mac OS X.  We've upgraded several clients to Photos and the verdict is in - we love it!

All Your Photos - Everywhere

The new app is faster, has a streamlined design and best of all, your photos sync everywhere. Everything you shoot with your iPhone or import into the new Photos app can be backed up to Apple's iCloud Photo Library and shared seamlessly across your devices. Of course, their storage plan has a price, but it's reasonable.

If you don't want to use iCloud Photo Library for syncing and storing, you can keep using the new Photos app as an iPhoto replacement, but you'll be stuck with the old My Photo Stream feature for syncing photos across your devices.

Here is a great article reviewing the features and limitations.

The Photos app only runs on Yosemite.
Haven't made the upgrade to Yosemite yet?

You still don't have to, but Apple is no longer going to support or develop iPhoto or Aperture. Even further, once you upgrade your Mac to 10.10.3 iPhoto no longer works, only the Photos app will.

If you DO want to make the leap to Yosemite, before upgrading, do your homework to make sure you are ready!
  • Can your Mac run Yosemite well?
  • Do you have enough RAM or hard drive space?
  • How will the upgrade impact all your other apps and software?
  • Are your iPhones and iPads ready?
  • Are you fully backed up before you do anything?

Here are the full system requirements to get the Photos app up and running and fully syncing to all your devices and computers.

Need Guidance?
If you have any questions, or need help in taking the plunge, please reach out.
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