iPad Oddity

Working on a client’s iPad today... he was complaining that sometimes, while he’s walking down the street music will just start playing from his iPad from inside his bag.
At first I was skeptical, but after a brief Google search I found out it’s not that uncommon!
There was no quick fix solution available anywhere, so I thought I would:
1. Turn off his double-click Home Button to play music while your iPad is locked
2. Turn off Bluetooth in case passing headsets, phones or devices were setting it off.
The one problem, was the Home Button settings wasn’t in the Settings > General page!
I updated him to the latest version of the iOS and still nothing - very odd indeed.
I honestly didn’t think that was happening anyway, because he has a very nice case that covers the Home button up very well.
Only time will tell if the Bluetooth being off will fix it. I think it will.
Also the iOS upgrade probably helped too.
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