Email web pages

Share a cool site or article with a someone in a snap!

Ever search the Internet and find an article that you'd love to send to someone?
Using Safari, you easily can.
You can send them a link to the page, or you can send them the page's entire contents, including all graphics and links that will work as long as the destination pages still exist.
Here's how:
1. From within Safari go to the File menu, choose either:
• Mail Contents of This Page - keyboard shortcut - Command + i (the letter "i")
• Mail Link to This Page - keyboard shortcut - Command + Shift + i (the letter "i")
2. Mail automatically opens and creates a new message containing either the webpage displayed in it, or a webpage link in it.
3. Type an email address in the To field, type a message to your friend if you'd like, and then click Send.
It’s that easy.
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