Getting Old Skool

Jumping into an older “1/2 basketball” G4 iMac with a new client.
They have it in perfect working order and considering it came out in 2003 that’s amazing!
It’s running 10.3 - Panther and they needed my help after doing a clean install of the OS - Archive and Install.
They weren’t able to find any of their files. But with a quick check of the “Previous Systems” folder on the root of their drive we recovered everything.
A couple of little oddities hung over, namely... Safari wouldn’t run. That was the most challenging part of this job for me.
I had to figure out which version of Safari to install and then find a copy of it to download!
First, I installed Firefox from my pen drive, to be able to get to the interwebs at all.
Then after a few sites giving misinformation, I realized I was wasting time trying to figure out the exact version to get and I should just downloading old versions of Safari.
After updating their OS to 10.3.9 I would just use trial and error to get there - it ended up only taking me about 10 minutes after the OS update.
I found this at a great little site - Old Apps for Mac OS:

First I downloaded Safari v.1 - that didn’t work.
So I downloaded Safari v.2 and that didn’t work either.
I split the difference and chose Safari v.1.2 - it worked!

That’s it for my first entry - I hope to keep this up with useful tales of an ever learning Park Slope, Brooklyn Mac Guy.
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